Zerbe, J.S. - Aeroplanes (1915)

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Prof. J.S. Zerbe - Aeroplanes (1915)

First published in 1915, from Every Boy's Mechanical Library, this book is simultaneously a course in aerodynamics, in aircraft design, engineering, manufacturing and flying.
It is a book of instructions that points out the theories of flying, as given by the pioneers, the practical application of power to the various flying structures; how they are built; the different methods of controlling them; the advantages and disadvantages of the types in use (in 1915); and suggestions as to the directions in which improvements are required. It distinctly points out wherein mechanical flight differs from bird flight, and what are the relations of shape, form, size and weight. It treats of kites, gliders and model aeroplanes, and has an interesting chapter on the aeroplane and its uses in the Great War. All the Illustrations have been specially made by the author for the work.

Professor J.S. Zerbe is known to have designed and built a "Quintaplane" powered by an 8 cylinder, air-cooled engine, with 5 planes and 2 props. He flew it at two International Aviation Meets held at Dominguez Field, Los Angeles, respectively held between Jan. 10 and 20, 1910 and from Dec. 24, 1910, to Jan. 3, 1911. Its "Quintaplane" crashed during the second meeting.

132 pages - in English